About us

MIKWANG challenge to the World Top LED continues.

Established in 1992, MIKWANG Technology is located in World Meridian Venture center of Korea.

It is run in the spirit of “being leaded with high quality technology, and becoming the world’s leader company” and the foundation of quality first, good faith and being practical.

It is a big LED manufacturer, specializing in custom LED display, numeric display, alphanumeric display, LED dot matrix, multi-color displays module and other LED product.

MIKWANG will pursue continuous sustainable growth, develop maximization of corporate value and become the world’s leading company with a successful corporate model.

MIKWANG Technology persists in the tenet that customer gets the maximum benefits.

ERP system has been fully applied in its management; its quality management is complied with ISO9001: 2008, its environmental management system is complied with ISO14001:2009; and the products have CE certification & KC certification & various patents.

Viewing the future, LED global market is continuously expanding and the demands are increasing rapidly.

With its excellent culture, quality management and technological innovative capabilities,

MIKWANG Technology is confident that it will take an important and special place in LED field and set up its outstanding brand.

It will take its full responsibilities for Korea’s LED industrial development, improve continuously, and create eternal resplendence.